Virginia Prowse

Academic Director

Virginia grew up thinking a career in politics would enable her to make the biggest, positive impact on society. But after graduating college at Brigham Young University and working on a presidential campaign, she quickly realized that the greatest difference she could make was going to be done hands-on in the education sector, not from the policy side. Virginia left politics and took a job teaching at an at-risk high school.

After working as a public high school teacher for 8 years, Virginia took on the role of Academic Director for an RTC in northern Utah for 6 years. When her twins were born, she took a break from running a school full-time and became a Teen Girl Life Coach and an Academic College Advisor for 7 years.

Virginia chose to join the ROOTs’ team because she identified with the program’s powerful, holistic approach to helping your daughters learn skills that will set them up for success in these formative years of their lives. At the core, Virginia loved ROOTs’ focus, which is the melding of customized education, emotional learning, and experiential opportunities. These three components work together, inevitably empowering girls to build the much-needed confidence and resiliency that are necessary for life’s challenges.

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