Parent Focus to Help the Whole Family

At ROOTs we focus our efforts on meeting the needs of each family, not just your child’s. Our parent focus helps families gain the tools they need to communicate more effectively and strengthen their relationships with their child.  Upon admission, our Parent Clinical Director will conduct parent assessments and then construct customized family plans.  

Families can visit and clients may return home every 4-6 weeks, depending on the needs and progress of their child. Communication will be based on your child’s needs and will shift as your child progresses through the program. We want to provide our clients with the connections to their family that they need, while also allowing space for self-reflection and growth.

Parents will meet with the Parent Clinical Director in varying frequency based on which stage of the program they are currently in:

  • Intensive – every week for 1 hour
  • Transition – every other week, transition planning begins
  • Integration – flexible based on individual needs

Two-Day Intensive for Parents

Parents will participate in a two day intensive workshop in person. The goal of this workshop is to help parents identify their own strengths and challenges in order to grow. The workshop will include equine therapy, individual therapy sessions, and other adventure activities. Parents will complete this workshop without their child in order to focus on their own needs and individual growth.

How the Parallel Process Helps Families 

By working parallel with their child, families are able to restart, reconnect, and restore bonds before returning home.  Engaging in treatment as an individual AND as a family, enables everyone to address their individual issues and communication styles in order to figure out what works and how to support each other moving forward.

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