Hybrid Outdoor Model

Our hybrid outdoor model provides opportunities for clients to enjoy the benefits of an outdoor-focused lifestyle. Set in Park City, Utah, our clients have access to beautiful hiking trails, mountain landscapes, and a vibrant, art-filled city.

Our hybrid outdoor model includes:

  • Outdoor Adventure – Being active improves both body and mind. Our clients enjoy mountain biking, rock climbing, skiing, snowboarding, camping trips and several other outdoor adventure activities.
  • Outdoor Engagement – Clients are encouraged to connect in nature through thoughtful hiking, meditating outdoors, and using nature as a tool for reflection.
  • Community Engagement – We want our clients to be actively involved in the community around them. There will be opportunities to attend art festivals, museums, and support the area through various volunteer projects.

Residential and Outdoor Settings Support Client Growth 

By combining the stability of a residential model with extensive time spent outdoors, clients can enjoy the benefits of both settings. The hybrid outdoor model helps clients gain a deeper understanding of how the body-mind connection influences their overall wellbeing. When clients are active in nature, they learn new ways to regulate their emotions, improve their physical health, and gain confidence in trying new things.

Nature Helps Us Heal

Research shows that being outdoors can improve mental health by relieving and reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression. Through adventurous activities and community involvement, clients build connections with their peers and other community members. These connections can provide support for clients struggling with issues related to trauma, self-worth, or other mental health challenges.

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