Park City Academy

Part of ROOTs Transition is their on-site school, Park City Academy, that works with Park City Independent.  Park City Academy provides an accredited academic program for students of all grade levels. When students join the program, the Academic Director will meet with parents, review transcripts, and help create an academic plan that will keep students on track to graduate. The virtually assisted academic curriculum makes it possible for students to continue these courses after leaving ROOTs. This flexibility allows for more focus on students’ therapeutic time frame without being tied to an academic calendar or schedule.  

If your student would like to maintain attending virtual school with their current school district, we can work with them during this process.  The Academic Director and staff can help create weekly goals and targets, so your student can stay caught up and return to their previous school seamlessly when they are ready to transition home.

How We Support Our Students:

  • Virtual certified teachers who have contact with students
  • On demand tutoring
  • Virtual learning allows for a shorter length of stay 
  • Students can continue and complete courses after leaving ROOTs
  • Guides are trained by our Academic and Clinical Directors in academic support
  • Willingness to work with current schools to maintain continuity in academic plans

Students have access to traditional courses like science, math, English, and social studies, as well as foreign language classes and electives. If clients join ROOTs during their typical semesters, they can test into classes and start where they left off, giving them back valuable time to focus on their treatment.

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