Rosalie DiRado

Rosalie DiRado has always had a desire to support others by helping them accomplish a new adventure, task, or skill. The outdoors have been an integral part of her life that she attributes to her parents and the family trips they would take. These trips were always centered around being outside and enjoying the wilderness. When Rosalie discovered wilderness therapy after graduating with her masters, her entire world changed. She was able to combine her two passions of wanting to support individuals through those dark and challenging moments while being able to live in the wilderness to do so – this was a catalyst in Rosalie’s career.

Throughout her own personal mental health journey, Rosalie has been greatly influenced and inspired to help others. This has set her up for success to obtain her Bachelors in Psychology at Plymouth State University, then her Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Rosalie’s educational experiences led her to begin work as an Associate Field Therapist and Guide at Outback Therapeutic Expeditions. Her experiences at Outback Therapeutic Expeditions lead her to becoming a Clinical Support Therapist, which allowed her to receive extensive experience working with teenagers who are struggling with anxiety, depression, attachment disruption, grief, identity formation, substance use, and trauma.

Community, connection with the outdoors, and working in a collaborative environment, are a few reasons why Rosalie is excited to join the ROOTs team. “I feel privileged and excited to be able to work with such wonderful human beings that share a collective mindset and love for wilderness/adventure and knowing how impactful that can be in someone’s therapeutic process,” said Rosalie. She has noticed a theme of collaborativeness throughout ROOTs that stems from the clients’, guides, and the leadership team that creates a community that works together and an environment that she is looking forward to being a part of

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