Pippa B


Pippa has always loved the distinction between connection and independence and believes as humans we are constantly seeking both. Pippa was drawn to the NARM Model that ROOTs practices and wanted to learn how to in-cooperate it into her work at roots as well as her personal life. Pippa studied Psychology and Traditional Eastern Arts during her undergraduate in college and is now currently pursuing a degree in Mental Health Counseling.

After college she worked consistently with children ages 8-18, in the outdoors, backpacking, mountain biking, cross-country skiing, hiking, and swimming. A lot of Pippa’s own personal healing has come through time spent in nature as well as through art, creativity and positive connection with others. Building strong relationships with the staff and clients at ROOTs has helped her create space for change and growth in the lives of others as well as change and growth in her own life.

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