Eliza Hitz

Parent Clinical Director

Eliza is a trauma-informed therapist with almost two decades of clinical experience. She believes in a holistic approach to therapy that focuses on emotional, physical, relational, and spiritual healing. She recognizes that the therapeutic relationship is central to the healing process. Eliza uses a person-centered approach in therapy, creating a safe and supportive environment for clients to do the courageous internal work of healing and change. She offers her clients opportunities to honor their past, to practice new patterns of interaction, to develop their inner resources, and to feel embodied and empowered. Eliza has committed her professional career to working with adolescents and their families because she loves building connections within communities that celebrate diversity, creativity, adventure, and continual growth.

A native of Virginia, Eliza received her undergraduate degree from Princeton University. She taught for several years before returning to school to complete a Masters in Education (M.Ed.) at Harvard University and a Masters in Science (M.S.) in Mental Health Counseling at the University of Vermont. Eliza is also a state-certified licensed mental health counselor (LCMHC) in Utah. Eliza started her career in psychotherapy as a family counselor in a community mental health agency in Vermont. Since then she has worked in a variety of clinical settings. Eliza worked as a therapist at a residential treatment center in Syracuse; a family therapist in private practice in Murray; and, for the last ten years, as a primary therapist and the Equine Assisted Therapy Director at a residential treatment center in Layton. Eliza moved to Summit County in 2020 and transitioned to private practice, offering both office-based and equine assisted psychotherapy services.

Eliza is excited to return to the world of residential treatment! She embraces the opportunity to create a new residential treatment model with clinically skilled colleagues who believe in the importance of allowing clients to be the agents of their own healing while surrounded by a community of support. She is excited to be the Parent Clinical Director, assisting parents as they engage in their own therapeutic journeys to maintain that community of support for the transition home after treatment.

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