ROOTs: Reflecting with Gratitude


As the final weeks of 2023 are approaching, we find ourselves reflecting on this past year with a lot of gratitude. Gratitude for people who show up and create a space of healing. Gratitude for our community that we are consistently inspired by. Gratitude that we are asked to hold space for really hard work and that we know there are others out there joining us in that effort.

In that reflection, we wanted to take a moment to say we see you and we thank you. We hope you are able to find some time this holiday season to be present with those you love and to fill your own bucket.


The ROOTs Transition Team

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Kami Black

Founder & Executive Director

Lauren Angerosa

Admissions & Outreach Director

ROOTs Transition is a residential treatment center in Park City, UT working with adolescents assigned female at birth who are between the ages of 15-18. Our mission is to heal the lives of those impacted by complex trauma through agency, curiosity, and community, while using nature as a catalyst for growth and integration.

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