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Surrounded by the Wasatch Mountains in Park City, Utah, ROOTs is a six to nine-month-long residential program for adolescent females between the ages of 15–18. Our mission is to heal the lives of those impacted by complex trauma through agency, curiosity, and community, while using nature as a catalyst for growth and integration.

At ROOTs, we partner with our clients and see them as capable of accessing the change within.

If you think one of your clients could benefit from joining the ROOTs Transition community, please contact us for more information.

NARM: Our Trauma-Informed Approach

We practice an immersive and invitational approach to therapy that meets at the confluence of treatment and real life. Our homes are intentionally designed to be supportive and safe spaces that foster community, agency, and healing for clients and their families.

Our Hybrid Model

Our hybrid outdoor model provides opportunities for clients to enjoy the benefits of an outdoor-focused lifestyle, while integrating the benefits of a therapeutic home community.

Our Parent Program

ROOTs believes that making space for parents to do their own healing is key to the growth of their child. By increasing the health of our parents, they are able to show up differently for their child which increases their opportunity for a successful return home.

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