Stacey Rosenberg

Program Director

Stacey believes that personal and professional growth is essential to this work. In over 20 years of leading adolescents in outdoor therapeutic settings, Stacey has experienced the power of nature as a catalyst for change, both for herself and those around her. She has mentored countless guides by helping them discover their own true strengths and abilities. Stacey’s compassionate and intentional approach creates a safe space for others to develop and grow.

After graduating from Boston University in 2001 with a BS in education, Stacey moved out west and began her career as a Wilderness Field Instructor. During her time in the field, she developed her skills, knowledge, and passion for the outdoors. She found the experiential model to be the most effective in helping students begin to see themselves as more confident and capable individuals. This approach to healing led her to working and creating adventure therapy programs for adolescent females for many years. She recently shifted her focus and began expanding her skills as a program director in a residential treatment center. In this position, she was able to fulfill a true passion of investing time and energy into helping others develop.

As the Program Director at ROOTs, Stacey has developed a team of individuals who feel valued in this work. Her years of experience in the field and desire to build a supportive environment align well with the vision at ROOTs.

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