Our Approach

ROOTs Transition understands the importance of providing a spectrum of care not only to our students but to those families involved.  By creating a hybrid of Intensive and Residential level of care, we are able to meet the needs of our students throughout their journey with consistency and predictability.



Each student will begin their journey to healing in a Yurt set in the hills above Park City. They will spend their days reflecting, meditating, and attuning to their internal process. This is what we call INTERVENTION PHASE. It is the intensive portion of our program.  Through this process, students will have a deeper understanding of their needs and how their past behaviors are rooted in a deeper meaning. Families will also complete their own assessment and will be supported by our Clinical Parent Liaison.  Upon completion of this phase, students and parents will then attend a 2-day Yurt stay with their child where assessments, clinical interventions and a ceremony will take place. It is time now for the transition to our Residential level of care called INTEGRATION PHASE.



Moving locations but maintaining connections is our primary goal. From Yurt living to the House in Park City, students will continue with their therapist and those guides they have connections to. The need to integrate knowledge into action is key to long lasting change. At this point in the journey, students and families are working to fully integrate into the next phase of life with the support of our Transition Specialist and Clinical Team.

Healing is a journey and flexibility in that process is key to meeting individual needs. We are here to support you every step of the way with our hybrid approach.

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