Meagan Taylor

Medical Director

As a native of Utah, Meagan has always enjoyed nature and seen the benefit of getting outside for her own health. She worked for 8 years in the hospital system before stumbling into the wilderness therapy world. Instantly, she knew that she could never return to the hospital after what she witnessed in the wilderness. In the hospital setting, she only saw her patients for a few days and did not typically see the lasting changes that they made. However, in wilderness therapy, she enjoyed working with young people who have the ability to change their entire trajectory for life and get to the root of their happiness. She loved seeing the gradual and lasting changes that occured in this population.

Meagan received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at the University of Arizona. During her time in the hospital, Meagan worked in telemetry, surgical ICU (predominantly with kidney and liver transplant patients), and outpatient interventional radiology and vascular surgery. Meagan received her Family Nurse Practitioner degree from Maryville University and is Board Certified. For the past 6 years, Meagan has worked in the wilderness therapy setting, managing all medical needs students may have. She also trained and educated staff regarding triaging students and managing medical concerns in the field. She was the point person for all communication with families regarding medical needs.

Meagan is excited to join the ROOTs team because of the great blend of both therapeutic work and outdoor recreation. She is excited to work with students for a longer length of time and see how they interact with the community and cement the skills that they learn in their daily lives. Meagan looks forward to joining the young women on hikes, skiing, adventuring, and helping them connect how physical health directly impacts mental health.

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