Lauren Clark Angerosa

Admissions & Outreach Director

As a trip leader in college, Lauren first experienced the profound power nature and time spent outdoors can have on a person. Throughout her career, she has seen the incredible difference an intentional intervention can have on a student and their family. Lauren believes in the importance, both personally and professionally, of a strong community. By witnessing the impact the ever-changing world has on our youth, Lauren believes that giving young people the opportunity to experience their full potential creates lasting strength in their future.

Over the past 13 years Lauren has worked in therapeutic boarding schools, wilderness therapy programs and residential treatment centers. After completing her degree in Sociology and Adventure Recreation at Ohio University, Lauren moved to the mountains of Utah and has called them home ever since. Lauren continues to be humbled by the trust families give her while she walks beside them in helping to make treatment decisions for their child.

With a deep personal connection to the power of the outdoors, Lauren is excited to join the ROOTs team as they embark on creating an intentional community for both students, families and staff members. Lauren believes that at ROOTs, the combination of time in nature, community engagement, deep clinical work, a purposeful living environment, and true family work, will offer students and families a real path to health and healing.

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