Kristi Riecker


Kristi comes from a background working both in wilderness and residential therapy programs, resulting in a therapeutic style that integrates both nature and experiential activities into the therapeutic process. Kristi utilizes a combination of radical acceptance and trauma informed therapy, believing all behaviors make sense when you understand people and their motivations. Kristi utilizes this approach to allow her clients to see which behaviors have become ineffective in their lives, and then she works towards giving them the tools they need to make impactful changes towards effectual behaviors. During her time practicing in wilderness therapy, she saw nature’s healing power at work. She strives to allow her clients time to reflect in nature in order to develop their own resiliency. She loves working with teens because they have the creativity, energy, humor, and fortitude necessary to make any change they want in their lives.

Kristi received her master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Hofstra University in New York. Kristi specializes in adolescents who may be experiencing neurodevelopmental issues, executive functioning challenges, anxiety, depression, trauma, substance use, identity development, as well as family system challenges. Kristi is from Long Island, and she loves snowboarding, paddle boarding, and camping. She likes working at ROOTs because it allows her to share her love of outdoor activities with clients. Kristi enjoys taking clients on outdoor adventures and watching clients gain self-esteem as they explore new activities and sports, challenge themselves physically and mentally, and work to find joy and peace while outside in nature.

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