ROOTS (Reclaiming Our Original Truths) transition, serves females 14-18 years old who have attachment, relational and/or developmental trauma utilizing a hybrid model of outdoor intervention and residential integration. This unique model allows us to meet the student where they are and the flexibility to shift with them in their journey.

Similar to our own journey, we can create resiliency in difficult times by strengthening our ROOTs, or Reclaiming Our Original Truth, and reaching out to others through our widespread root system. Together, we can create a community based around healing and interpersonal growth.

About Our Program

Located in the beautiful mountains of Park City, Utah, ROOTs Transition supports adolescent females ages 15-18 and their families by blending elements of outdoor therapy and residential treatment in a home-like setting.

Following clinical assessments to determine students’ strengths and needs, students have the opportunity to build on skills learned in nature through daily practice in our home-like setting. This allows our students to maintain their connections and the flexibility to meet their needs at any stage of their journey.

We believe that integrating nature, intensive family support, and a continuum of care in one setting is the combination needed to heal the trauma that leads to maladaptive behaviors and the need for treatment.

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